This is a book for the hard-core insomniac.  Counterpoint is typically studied as a discreet music course in college, which is then immediately forgotten by the students upon embarking on a professional career, except for those who are enamored by the works of J.S. Bach and others of his ilk.  If you are one of those people, The Droning Voice encourages you to consider a different selection, one that – by its very inclusion on this website – will cause you to question the intellectual capacity of the curator(s) of this website.  If however, you are inclined toward the literary works of modern authors (I won’t name names, but you know who they are), this is the selection for you.

Counterpoint includes words in Latin, and musical terms which the author assumes that anybody in the study of music would understand, the tacit implication being that, if you don’t, you are an ignorant bonehead.  Lenience is granted towards those not in the serious study of music, but just barely.  There are gobs of fine examples of proper counterpont (in various species), which The Droning Voice has not bothered to decipher.  If the curiosity of the listener simply must be satisfied, The Droning Voice notes that copies of this book may be readily purchased at Amazon very inexpensively, such is the desire of the sellers to be rid of said title.

While opera glasses are not required for listening to this selection, they may help you get in the proper frame of mind.  A generalized stupor prior to dropping off to sleep is the goal.  You may reach that state during the Preface.  Trust The Droning Voice.

Pleasant dreams!

Here is a sample of Counterpoint:


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