The Grammar of Palmistry

If there was ever a book that is bound to irritate a wide range of listeners, this is it.  The Droning Voice was truly uncertain what genre to label this, so she headed to that known repository of wisdom: Amazon.  When that source failed her, she gave a deep sigh (as she is wont to do), and clicked on over to The Library of Congress.  That’s right.  She got the government involved.  Or at least governmental librarians, which is kind of a scary thought.  ANYWAY, the Library of Congress, with great confidence, had placed this particular title under the heading of “Science”, which may explain the government’s approach to investing AND foreign policy.

So don’t write The Droning Voice hateful comments about the genre of this book, if you are a person inclined to think that such endeavors as palm-reading are pure hokum.  Its validity has been backed by the full power of the US Government.  For those of you who believe deeply in the healing power of crystals, essential oils, and the like, this book will keep you wide awake, and The Droning Voice recommends a different selection.  Besides, you will become frustrated trying to figure out which mound is Saturn’s and which is Luna, etc.  At least, The Droning Voice did.

The Droning Voice wants to comment that there are some very informative illustrations in the actual book, and notes that some enterprising person is selling facsimiles of it on Amazon.  You can also find all sorts of helpful images of a person’s palm online, none of which are contradictory.  She refuses to discuss what her OWN palm says, though notes it is probably better not to get cross-wise with her.

And on that note….pleasant dreams!

Here is a sample of The Grammar of Palmistry:


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