Industrial Studies

Back in the early 1900s the United States was a powerhouse of industry.  Just ask the author of this book, who apparently had some affiliation with the State Normal School, in Fitchberg, Mass.

Note this is Massachusetts, home of several Ivy League universities, the Kennedy family, AND the infamous Salem Witch Trials.  Just saying that this is a state with a serious identity crisis.

However, The Droning Voice remembers being forced to watch flickery films in elementary school on various topics, each film touting the importance of whatever it was we were being told to watch by whatever Education Czar was in charge at the time.  This book was written prior to any such educational films, so, hey, I’m certain that all the industries mentioned in this book were very, if not exceedingly, helpful in putting together this piece of propaganda textbook, for the oh-so eager-to-learn and impressionable students of the State Normal School in Fitchberg, Mass.

There is a LOT for modern people to take issue with in this book, practices which were common and THE BEST(!), which now cause certain people – The Droning Voice won’t say who but you know who you are – to swoon in outrage and despair.  However, if you are one of those people, you can take solace in knowing that those jobs have mostly been banned in the USA, and are now comfortably outsourced to other countries.  The USA then imports products made from those same countries so that we can remain virtuous but still have whatever latest gadget is a must-have on Amazon.  Not to worry, though.  The USA is still a leading exporter of porn, so we’ve got THAT going for us.

This book also has Topics for Study at the end of the book, and seems heavily reliant on maps and crayons.  So you may want to have those handy for when you wake up and feel an uncommon urge to find various rivers and then color them on a map.  The Droning Voice is fairly confident in her pronunciations of most of the countries and cities mentioned, but there were a few river names that she stumbled over.  Those living near said rivers are welcome to feel superior to The Droning Voice.  Hopefully right before you drift off to sleep.

Pleasant dreams!

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