Welcome to The Droning Voice

Why “The Droning Voice”? The Droning Voice is certain all of us had that teacher, that pastor, rabbi, or religious leader, that person who was being paid to impart knowledge…that just put us to sleep. She doesn’t care how smart they were, the droning quality of their voice acted more effectively than many pharmaceuticals in making your eyelids heavy, and, before you knew it, you were jerking yourself awake, wondering how much you missed (if anything).

So, the point of
The Droning Voice is to help you drop off to sleep by imparting knowledge that was published before 1927 so as not to violate any copyright laws. Bearing that in mind, any advice, recipes, scientific knowledge, health-related recordings, etc. should be listened to and understood to be for historical reference only. Much of what will be read on The Droning Voice is certainly not current or politically correct by today’s standards. However, The Droning Voice will do what she can to not post recordings that will offend those of delicate sensibilities.

The Droning Voice will offer different options, based on the insomniac’s personal non-interests. Whichever class you found most boring in high school or college, The Droning Voice will offer you selections from which you can drift off to sleep. You might even learn something. Or not. You will also be able to play the recordings on a continuous loop for the hard-core insomniac. To wit:

Biographical sketches of obscure, but I’m sure very important, persons
Children’s Fiction
Youth Fiction – including volumes from the Stratemeyer Syndicate
Textbooks that include “facts” which are no longer true
Nature – mostly anthropomorphised
Classical Music History and Theory
History (world, national, state)
The Sciences including such “scientific” fields of study such as phrenology AND palmistry
Various “How To”
Reference in the form of random and old encyclopedia type books
and other books which The Droning Voice has yet to classify.  Suggestions are welcome.

Anything read will also include
all preface and introductory notes, including the publisher(s), dedications, etc. All due acknowledgments will be given. Apologies in advance for any mispronunciations of your ancestor’s last name. If you want to skip over that stuff (The Droning Voice recommends you don’t, given how boring they are), you will be able to go right to the main body of your non-interest. Therefore, clicking through is permitted.

Any references to particular brand-name items are not endorsements by The Droning Voice.

The Droning Voice certainly does not guarantee that you will fall asleep while listening to one of her recordings. If a sleeping disorder is suspected, please see your doctor. Or shaman, or psychiatrist. The Droning Voice should only be considered as one of many tools to help an insomniac drift off to sleep. If any of the recordings are of a nature that might cause an individual nightmares due to the individual’s unique circumstances, The Droning Voice gently suggests that said individual use discretion when selecting such recordings. The Droning Voice cannot be held responsible for any individual’s personal traumas related to the understanding of what a German sixth is or is not (in music theory), for example.

If one is a vegetarian or vegan, it is helpfully suggested they skip over recipe entries which may contain ingredients they find objectionable.

As it has been pointed out many times, history is typically written by the victors (or oppressors, depending on how one stands on any given moment in history). What is being read is not necessarily the personal views held by T
he Droning Voice. It could be argued that the selections offered are a clue as to The Droning Voice‘s ideologies, but the true ideology is avoiding any copyright violations. Period. If any individual would like to have a particular essay or selection recorded, which falls within the rules governed by Public Domain law, the individual is welcome to alert The Droning Voice to the selection they would like to have recorded. We are here to help you fall asleep!

Now dim your lights, lay your head down. Get comfortable. Set the volume level at just above audible. And get ready to sleep (or at least learn something).  Click here.