Mothers of Men

The Droning Voice admits right up front that, when she discovered this little gem in a friend’s collection of books belonging to her grandmother, she had NO idea what it was about, and was absolutely gob-smacked by the one statement her eyes glanced upon:

“Women are different than men.”

Not reading any further, The Droning Voice wheedled her friend into allowing her a chance to drone the contents of the small book into the ether for posterity and eternity.

She was, uhm, surprised.

This little essay in book form is about “Woman-Sufferage”.  It is certainly a historical document, showing where at least some people’s heads were at, certainly the author’s.  He was clearly a fan of the movement, sincerely believing that the purity of women would only be good for our government, and, by extension, our very nation.  Clearly the author had not spent much time in the company of Reality TV stars, pole dancers, and those-identifying-as-female politicians.  Ah, the bliss of ignorance.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Pleasant dreams!

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