Pleasant Hours with Illustrious Men and Women

This book is exactly the type of biographical compilations that can put even the hard-core insomniac to sleep.  It is full of dates of births, of weddings, of deaths of relatives, of travels, of elections, performances, publications.  Some of the names included in this tome are ones most people with a passing knowledge of history will have heard of.  Others, not so much.

The Droning Voice doesn’t judge, really, but does wonder why Mozart was included with such indeed illustrious musicians as Theodore Thomas, and some guy named “Levy” (he played the cornet, by the way).  Also, her pulse quickened when she saw, in the table of contents, “Pen and Ink Sketches of President Harrison’s Cabinet”, though was disappointed to discover this section had nothing whatsoever to do with furniture.

There is a long section of various “statesmen”, perhaps giving homage to a politician’s ability to bloviate, then shorter sections for poets, writers, actors, and random ilk the author of this book decided, for some reason, to include, while deliberately snubbing other very worthy personages who well deserve to have the dates of their marriages remembered in perpetuity.

There are samples of poems, of writings, of speeches.  The Droning Voice is aware there are likely pronunciation tools available online, but steadfastly refuses to use them, preferring, instead, to drone on through, stumbling over now archaic names of cities in Africa.  If the listener is awake enough to send snarky comments to The Droning Voice, she has failed miserably in her attempt to put said listener to sleep, and gently suggests a different selection, like “Applied Electrochemistry”.

After editing for brevity, The Droning Voice nevertheless recorded for nearly eleven (11) hours to bring you this book.   She doesn’t ask for much, but The Droning Voice is grateful to all who send her various cough drops and throat remedies to keep her soothing, dulcet voice droning on.  Seriously.  Somebody send some candy.

Pleasant hours of dreams!


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