Sample Droning

First, bear in mind that intelligibility is not high on The Droning Voice’s priorities, in fact, she discourages intelligibility on purpose as it could result in piquing the interest of the listener.  This would be counter to her objective which is to put the listener to sleep.  Essentially, this means her recordings are intentionally unintelligible (The Droning Voice would like to hear you say that fast three times).  With that in mind, here are some samples of what you can look forward to (just click on the links):

Chapter 10 – Of the Order and Succession of Questions from “Cushing’s Manual”

Chapter 5 – Florid Counterpoint from “Counterpoint”

The First Snow Storm – From “Little White Mice Boy and other Stories”

The Droning Voice is not free but she is cheap.  If you like what you hear (i.e. if it’s tomorrow because you just fell asleep after clicking on those samples) then you might want to consider an ongoing relationship with The Droning Voice.

We agree, you probably want to sample her web-based interactive experience first.  (Don’t be a pervert, this is a podcast for God’s sake).  The Droning Voice allows you to sample her droning for 7 days at no cost.  You go here and after you click that little “I agree” box, you get to click the bar that says “Join Free for 7 Days.”

After you’ve decided you like what she has to offer, she thinks you’ll agree that paying $5 a month for it is a great deal, and you will subscribe here. When you do that, immediately sends the details about how to access The Droning Voice’s content to your phone or other device.

Note that an annual subscription will save you 20% compared to a monthly subscription.