The Radio Boys with the Forest Rangers

In this novel, our four heroes do what they do best: rescue people from certain death/dismemberment by their own creativity with Ham Radio equipment.  They also stumble across a cave!  They fish!  They put bullies in their proper place with nothing but the use of their fists (after taking off their coats)(of course)!  And, of course, the obligatory bear encounter.  No dead bears as a result, only singed noses.  The Droning Voice does not condone using electricity to keep bears off your raft, FYI.

The Radio Boys have a mentor who encourages them, and loans them the use of his personal lodge on the mountain where much of the plot of this book takes place.  There is also a math problem involving slices of pie, which The Droning Voice read in spite of her personal aversion to such problems.  Such is the dedication of The Droning Voice, that she will push past her own discomfort in order to bore you to slumberland.  If the inclusion of the math problem keeps you awake at night trying to work it out, don’t listen to it.  Skip ahead.  The Droning Voice will not judge you.

Oh, and there was also mention of how radio operators worked in tandem with airplane pilots to determine where to best fight forest fires.  The Droning Voice does not recommend forest fire fighting tactics from 100 years ago to fight forest fires, which seemed to be heavily dependent on wet potato sacks and yelling.

May the amateur electromagnetics lull you off to dreamland!

Here is a sample of The Radio Boys with the Forest Rangers:


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