Half Hours in the Far North

The Droning Voice has NO idea who wrote this book, since there was no author mentioned anywhere on or in it, except that the entire book was written in first person.  Clearly the author wasn’t interested in dealing with the social fall-out from his admitting to:

1) Referring to Eskimos as “savages” (or even “Eskimos”)

2) Including Russia, but NOT Finland, in his adventures except for one brief mention of a Finn who was rather unkempt and dressed poorly

3) Going into great detail of his shooting an eagle in Norway.    PETA, The Audubon Society, and vegans everywhere would be desecrating his grave if only they knew where to locate it.

The Droning Voice, with her sharp observational skills, managed to ascertain that the author was British, so she recommends that somebody in the U.K. attempt to track this guy down to exact heavy outrage on his descendants.

There are chapters devoted to “The Search for Franklin”, about a doomed expedition in the Arctic Seas.  You will want to listen to this in the summer,  laying in your own sweat while waiting for the AC person to show up to fix your 5 year-old unit and which cost several months salary and shouldn’t be in need of repair (not that The Droning Voice has personal experience with this.  Oh, no.)  OR you can listen to it in the Winter with your central heat cranked up to the point of financial insolvency.  At any rate, you will certainly be thankful YOU weren’t on that expedition, or any of the rescue/recover missions.  Spoiler alert: it didn’t end well.

And with that happy note, pleasant dreams!

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