Insomnia – Part 1


What is Insomnia? – Part 1

The Droning Voice thinks that if you have to ask, perhaps you don’t have it. (Or maybe you have an aversion to 4-syllable words.) It means that, for whatever reason, you can’t sleep when you should. There can be many causes of insomnia, from situational to serious. The Droning Voice does not address conditions which cause serious insomnia. She will blog about other situations which may contribute to insomnia, as a service to ALL insomniacs (of which she is one), and as a way to drive traffic to her website.

Some situations which may contribute to insomnia are more readily solved than others.

Causes of Insomnia – room temperature

Today, we address room temperature. Most so-called experts, or their websites, suggest a sleeping room temperature between 60°-68° Fahrenheit, so let’s say 65°F, which, for people who snobbishly insist on using Celsius is approximately 18.33333333333333…c.

Too Hot in bedroom – turn on the AC, or, at least, a quiet fan*. If you don’t have access to electricity, then The Droning Voice suggests wet washcloths applied liberally over your naked body, and an elegant hand fan*, preferably waved by a cabana boy in a leather loin cloth. If the cabana boy is counter-productive to falling asleep, then, sorry, you might have to wave the fan yourself. Of you could move to Alaska, though that could result in it being

Too Cold in bedroom – turn on the heat, add a blanket*, sleep with another living being that generates heat. If a person isn’t available, The Droning Voice recommends a friendly dog from your local animal shelter, though will add that some breeds snore more than others. Also, some produce an impressive amount of flatus. The Droning Voice is reminded of a long night spent with her sister and her sister’s Great Dane in which nobody got much sleep. The Droning Voice is going to just put it out there that if her sister’s Great Dane’s gaseous output could be weaponized, it could be used to disperse crowds with great effect, particularly at any political rally. The Droning Voice also has experience with cats as sleeping partners, but can’t recommend them as a rule. In her experience, it typically resulted in a certain amount of hissing, spitting, clawing, and slapping. And that was just from The Droning Voice.

Once you have your interior climate control needs met, then, of course, select one of the many questionable tomes The Droning Voice has elected to read aloud. Set the volume to just barely audible.

Pleasant dreams!

*The Droning Voice does not endorse any of the products which appear on the links, which are all to Amazon, but provides the links as a starting point for anybody interested in said items, primarily because she is lazy. If you hate Amazon and all-that-it-stands-for, then go look at Walmart’s website. Research is good. The Droning Voice adds that she is eyeballing one of those feathered hand fans, knowing that, if she buys one, she will look EXACTLY like any of the women holding one. If you want to procure a leather loin-cloth, you will have to do the research yourself.


6 thoughts on “Insomnia – Part 1

  1. Kathy Reply

    Just saying I need one of those fans. Maybe even a cabana boy.

  2. Morra Rose Reply

    I read a few of the blogs, funny! And regarding Amazon, some of the self-published books there would be good for putting one to sleep, but definitely potential intellectual property rights issues there. Any textbook will do the job.
    And reminds me of the classic droning voice, “Beuller? …Beuller?”
    Working on my own blog at the moment, learning how to design and work it. I enjoyed looking at this site. The set up is beautiful.

    1. mrsomner Reply

      Thanks Morra. The Droning Voice has quite a backlog of books 95 or more years old where intellectual property rights are a thing of their past. It’s like she doesn’t have enough hours in her day to get them all in the can to do her part to eradicate insomnia.

      Regarding self-published books we have a friend who says, “In the old days you would give someone your card. Today you have to hand them your book.”

      Good luck with your blog.

        I’ll recommend to Her Highness that she give you a shout out in hers.

  3. HerMajestyHerself Reply

    Hi, and thanks for the comments! We are just really getting started with this, though I have been recording the drones for a few years. I’ve really enjoyed “reviewing” these old books, textbook or not, and am actually learning a few things in the process….though such knowledge may be horrifically out of date and/or politically incorrect by today’s standards. Ah, well. I’ve got FOUR books in the hopper, and am eyeballing “How to Win at Bridge”, which should be both fascinating AND informative.

  4. Laura Riley Reply

    Hi Kathy,
    I’m finally here.
    Looking at your blog, I don’t see any of the typical widgets, such as Like or Follow This.
    Let me know if I am missing something.

    1. mrsomner Reply

      We will be interested in learning about these widgets, Laura. Thanks. Maybe you can show Kathy and me around?

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