The Droning Voice Considers Blogging

The Droning Voice is working diligently to learn ALL about WordPress in an effort to make this website even MORE attractive to the occasional insomniac, so mrsomner, with some amount of trepidation, is allowing her the ability to completely mess up EVERYTHING he has done, so far, to make this a useful website.

Having said that, The Droning Voice is attempting, with her WordPress guide, Tanya (Hi Tanya!) to create an actual blog page.  It has been pointed out to The Droning Voice that much of her sparkling commentary gets lost in the archives, which is a pity for ALL insomniacs.  The Droning Voice knows that her audience is hoping her advice on room temperature will be all they need to fall asleep.  Well, that, and the lulling and barely comprehensible sounds of The Droning Voice reading selections from “Automobile Engineering”.  Or “Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue”.