The Droning Voice Adds Samples

After The Droning Voice opened the gates to her website, allowing web-crawlers and search engine robots to have their way with her content, The People™ also commented they would like to hear more samples.

As The People™ wish is The Droning Voice’s command.  At great personal expense to her free time, she had her indentured servant generate a 90-second sample of each of the books (29 books at this writing) so she could post them on each book’s individual page.

The Droning Voice wishes to remind The People™ that unlimited access to the full versions of her monotonous readings of all these books, cover to cover, are available for the reasonably low cost of $5 per month.  To subscribe to The Droning Voice you go here, click the “I agree” box, and follow the rest of the directions.  She thanks you in advance.


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